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I love to engage with people and educate them about the absolute benefits of outsourcing and how to go about it. I get a real kick out of empowering women and men alike in teaching and equipping individuals and groups with sales and marketing skills and thinking enhancements.

I’m all about Sales, Marketing and Remote Working

Advice, action & motivation to help you and your business MOVE!

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My own grinding stone.

Keynote Speaking

My lessons to learn from.

Training & Coaching

More individual and specific.

What my fans say:

“Thank you for lifting my spirit“

“Thank you for an inspiring talk”

“Most impactful & insightful speaker”

“Engaging and helpful”

“Professional and well versed in subject”

“I’m happy that I’m learning so much from you”

“We received raving comments regarding your session”

“We asked entrepreneurs if they would like to have you facilitate another session and all entrepreneurs answered ‘Yes’”

“I wanted to congratulate you and assure you of the impact you have on my business development. Thank you so much.”

“I can tell you take your role very seriously and it’s not just a “job” for you and you’re truly passionate about what you do”

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How Sales People can sell better to CEO’s

How Sales People can sell better to CEO’s There may come a time that you’ll need to sell to the C-Suite, the high-ranking executives of a business. These are the likes of CEO’s, CFO’s and CIO’s. Or perhaps, like Salesforce your entire sales strategy is...

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