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Keynote Speaker

Experience in a Story

I love business.
I love helping others succeed in their ventures.
I love teaching what I have learned on my journey.

My biggest goal is to show the world that South Africa has so much to offer when it comes to skill and work ethic, and to continue my drive to establish South Africa as the best option for outsourcing business functions to, globally.

Let’s start our journey of working together, today.

My 3 areas of Speaking


Sales is an everyday thing. Karen often refers to this so-called dragon as being a misunderstood puppy. She arms her audience with her story and experiences and great practical examples. Karen always empowers sales teams, and wannabe sales people and people who are straight out scared of sales to train and use this sales puppy.

Karen often speaks at:
+ Sales Conferences and Seminars.
+ Entrepreneur and Business Events.
+ Startup Conferences and Conventions.
+ Startup Incubators and Accelerators.


Marketing is the absolute start of the sales funnel, and understanding the basics of marketing is one thing, but to understand marketing, across all channels and aligning your efforts with company and sales goals is what makes Karen different. To get a new take and deeper understanding on marketing, hire her for your next event.

Karen’s Topics:
+ Marketing your way to Success.
+ Marketing for Entrepreneurs.
+ Startup Marketing 101.
+ How to Market yourself.

Outsourcing and Remote Working

Outsourcing and remote working is not only a great career path, but also an excellent way for companies to dramatically improve productivity while driving down expenses. Outsourcing to South Africa is a huge passion of Karen and she is well versed in this field owning one of Africa’s biggest Virtual Assistant Agencies, as well as being the President of VAASA, SA’s Virtual Assistants Association.

Karen’s Topics:
+ Gearing your Workforce for the 22nd Century.
+ Establishing Remote Teams.
+ Establishing your own Remote Business.
+ Outsourcing Business Functions.

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I'm on Twitter, and you can always catch me there. Or you can find my all business side on LinkedIn, and my private side on Instagram. I would also like it if you go follow me on Facebook.

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