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Try these 4 unusually interesting ways to keep your current clients loyal

Back in the day the traditional “thank you card” or even a postcard was a great way of telling your clients that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate their patronage.

Am I going too far back in time for some of you? J I remember that happy sensation of receiving a postcard in the mail, not to mention sending off a card via “snail mail” and then a few weeks down the line getting a thank you call for my effort. Such a great feeling!

Our clients want to be wowed, in fact, so do all of us! We love the way it makes us feel when we are made to feel special.

The question is, when last did you make your clients feel special?

You know the movie “Finding Forrester”? Sean Connery plays the part of the withdrawn writer named Forrester, who mentors a young man. This young man falls in love with a lady and wants to send her a gift. Not sure what to send he asks his mentor who advises “The key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.”

Precisely! If you want to wow your clients then you need to do something out of the ordinary. What can you do in your business to help you stand out from your competitors and at the same time give your clients that warm fuzzy feeling?

Here are 4 unusual but interesting ways to keep your clients loyal:

1.     Give your client a shout out on your social media

Mention a happy client on your social media or website. Thank the client for their support and make the message personal. Where possible share a link to their website or one of their social media platforms. This will be great for their branding and for your credibility.

2.     Send that card!

I realise its old-school, but sometimes we want to reminisce, so send that birthday card, anniversary card, happy day card. Get a nice writing pen and write your client something personal in your handwriting. That will definitely win some brownie points!

3.     Surprise your client with an actual gift

There are so many platforms available where you can book and pay for gift boxes and treats. Naturally it would be good to know your clients preferences as far as possible. You certainly don’t want to send delicious cow’s milk chocolate to a vegan of course! Make sure you know your clients that well and personalise their treat just for them.

4.     Purchase Coffee for a Long Distance Client

Those clients who are based far away from your business could feel neglected at times. Why not purchase them a cup of coffee from their local barista and have it hand-delivered? If they don’t drink coffee send them something else, the point is to surprise your long-distance clients and make them feel important.

Bringing it together

Whatever you choose to do to wow your clients, make sure that it establishes brand loyalty, a natural love for your service offering and way of doing business. You’ll often hear me say that people buy from people, so keep that human touch going, it’s so important for the longevity of your business and brand!