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The Best Kept Secrets to Closing More Deals the Easy Way

This is how you close deals consistently the easy way

Stop selling, start adding value where you can. If you’ve been wanting to harness this whole sales thing, and you’re just not winning, know this – in all that you do you need to be consistent. So if you’re doing LinkedIn outreach, writing & sharing great content, or making daily outreach calls, do so consistently, with the right mind-set and with good intention.

Stop selling. Sales is about building those trust relationships and adding value during this journey. The magic of sales lies in the pre-sale and the follow up. (This naturally is a whole blog on it’s own 🙂 )

In this blog I want to take you through some of my top tips in closing more deals more successfully.

  • Be an active listener

  • Target the right crowd

  • Handle objections in an effective manner

  • Ask for what you want

Let’s break it down for you.

1. Be an active listener

One of the best ways to learn what your prospect really needs help with is to listen. By truly understanding their pain and listening to what is being expressed will help you show genuine interest in their business, resulting in you offering the best possible solutions for them. As in most instances in life, during the sales journey listen more than what you speak. This is when you learn the most.

2. Target the right crowd

Make sure you understand who your market is and that you target them accordingly. It is essential to know and understand your buyer persona in order to make sure that you’re speaking to the right people. And speaking of, make sure that whom you target in your crowd are the decision-makers. Don’t waste your time with those who have no power and no say in this decision-making process.

3. Handle objections in an effective manner

Manage objections right then and there. Don’t give your prospect the opportunity to find excuses not to do business with you. If you understand the value your solution brings and the pain it solves, it should be pretty straight forward and simple for you to handle objections upfront. At least then each party knows where they stand.

4. Ask for what you want

If you really want this sale, ask for it. I ask for the sale many times, where sometimes I’m shot down or I get the order. Yay! If you want to know where you stand on this deal and you want to ensure that the prospect is not stringing you along, then ask for the next step in the action plan after every meeting or phone call you have with the prospect. My motto is “if you don’t ask you don’t get.” Simple!

About the Author : Karen has facilitated and hosted many sales masterclasses, workshops and training sessions to not only boost sales confidence however to also instill sales skills and tools that are personalised to each individual.

Karen is also a sought after speaker at Sales Conferences & Seminars, Secretarial Conferences & Symposiums and Entrepreneur Conferences & Workshops, where she engages her audience with story-like presentations of sales, outsourcing and business.

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